JioMeet For Windows

How to Download & Install JioMeet on Windows 10

Looking at the current situation in the world, video conferencing is the future for the upcoming years. All existing video conferencing companies are upgrading their apps to attract more audience to their product. At such a perfect moment, Reliance Jio is coming up with their own video conferencing app JioMeet. 

As per a few reports, JioMeet is expected to come up with very attractive features that can disturb the current video conferencing business. With Jio having a huge subscriber base in India, the launch of JioMeet will be an alert for Skype, Google Meets, Zoom and other video conferencing apps. 

Jio Meet will be a great app to stay connected to your friends and family. Not only friends and family, but various office meetings and conferences can also be held using Jio Meet. So it is handy to have JioMeet.

If you are a Windows user, downloading and installation of JioMeet are very easy. Here is the smartest and fastest way to get JioMeet on your Windows computer.

JioMeet For Windows
JioMeet For Windows

How to Download JioMeet on Windows 10

  1. For Windows users, open the internet browser (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) and visit the JioMeet website.
  2. Once you land on the official site, click on “Download Now”.
  3. Select JioMeet for Windows. The file will automatically start downloading. The downloading process can be seen at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click on .exe file which is downloaded and start the installation process.

This completes the process of download & Install JioMeet on Windows 10. Double click on the JioMeet icon and the app will open and you can use it. The further guidelines of how to use JioMeet is given here. 

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Download & Install JioMeet on Windows 10

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