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JioMeet Video Conferencing: Everything You Need To Know

Hello friends! Have you heard about JioMeet? Got confused and wanna know what exactly JioMeet is? Well, you have landed at the right place as we will be sharing A to Z information regarding JioMeet in this article. In this article, you will learn about JioMeet Installation, setup, how to use and its cool features. 

So let’s get started!


As the name suggests, JioMeet is an innovative project by Reliance Jio, the biggest firm in India. It is an HD Video Conferencing App which is expected to release in upcoming days. With the JioMeet Video Conferencing App, Reliance is looking forward to taking on Zoom, Google Meets and Skype. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world has come to rest. Many countries are locked down. Due to this, we have seen a boom in video conferencing apps. Many big companies have come up with their own Video Conferencing App while many existing apps have upgraded their features. At such a crucial time, Jio is entering the video conferencing app market. 

During the Quarterly results of Reliance, Senior VP of Reliance Jio Infocomm Pankaj Pawar made the JioMeet launch official. Jio has the largest telecom subscriber base in India. So without any doubt, with the release of JioMeet, it will disturb the video conferencing market. If we go by the history of Jio, the company is expected to come up with features similar to others or something new which no other company has provided yet. So let’s dig deep and find the expected features for JioMeet.

Jio Meet App
Jio Meet App

Jio Meet App Download For Windows, iOS, macOS, Android

The first thing which comes to the mind is, Is JioMeet compatible with my device? Well, the answer to this question is yes. JioMeet will support all devices. It is said that the app will be available in all major applications – Apple iOS, Windows PC, macOS, Android and Web. You just need to visit respective app stores and download and install the app. The complete process is explained here. 

JioMeet Features

As we said earlier, Jio is expected to come up with some awesome features which can disturb the Video conferencing market.  So what exactly will the features be? Check the complete list of features discussed below. 

  • HD Video Conferencing

The JioMeet will come up with HD Video Conferencing. The JioMeet will support multi-party HD Video Conferencing. The user can join the conference using any device and share or join the invite via text SMS, email or third-party messaging apps like a telegram, WhatsApp. 

  • Audio Conferencing

The app also allows Audio only conferencing. It is not possible for everyone to join the video conference. For such people, audio conferencing comes handy. The voice quality of audio conferencing is reported to be good.  

  • Multi-Platform Support

As we mentioned above, JioMeet will release and support all the devices. From PC to mobiles, the app will be available for Windows, Apple iOS, macOS, Android and Web. 

  • Grouping

One of the highlighting features of Jio Meet is it allows the hosts to create Groups. If a user creates a group and adds his guest to the group, the host does not require to invite each guest personally for further meetings.  

  • Rich Communication Services

What exactly RCS features JioMeet provide? Check out the list of Rich Communication Services mentioned below:

  1. The user can send and receive messages
  2. The user can share and display images
  3. It allows user to share his/her location to their contacts
  4. It provides screen sharing. The screen sharing feature is essential when it comes to meetings. With screen sharing, the user can share his/her screen with other users. It helps while delivering any presentations during the meets.
  5. The users can share files with JioMeet application
  • JioMeet Collaboration

During the announcement of JioMeet, Senior VP of Reliance Jio Infocomm, Pankaj Pawar said that the app “Jio Meet” will not be limited to only video-conferencing.  It will be collaboratively working with some other features and functions. So collaboration with other apps is something you will get with JioMeet. Few collaboration which we know till now are:

Jio eEducation Platform

So what exactly is the eEducation platform? As the name suggests, the platform is used for educational purposes only. The platform allows in creating and running the virtual digital classroom for teachers and students. With eEducation, the user can record the lectures, teachers can assign homework with a specific deadline. The platform also allows Private comments, so no other students can copy the answers. The teachers can also arrange time-bound tests for their students using this platform.  

Jio eHealth Platform

Jio’s eHealth Platform is expected to collaborate with JioMeet Video Conferencing App. So what exactly will happen? Well, users can now consult doctors via video conferencing, the doctors can prescribe medicines and users can order medicines online. It is also said that few lab tests can also be conducted using the Jio eHealth platform. 

  • Security

JioMeet uses the SSL 128-bit encryption to protect all the calls. All the meetings are PIN protected and no intruder can join any random meetings. 

  • Pricing

The only con we can say about JioMeet is it’s rumored Pricing pattern. The pricing is not yet declared but it is rumored that you can video call up to 5 people for free. To add more members to the video call, the host must subscribe to a Business Plan which enables you to add up to 100 members. 

How to Sign Up/ Sign In Jio Meet?

The JioMeet was announced by Reliance Jio during the press conference regarding the quarterly results of the company. The app is under testing and for some odd reason, the company has taken down the app from Google Play and App store. But sooner or later it will be released again in upcoming days. The setting up of JioMeet is easy and takes a few seconds to set up. To know the complete setup, follow the steps given below:

  • Sign Up using an Email ID
  • Sign Up using Mobile Number
  • Join meeting as a guest

Sign Up using an Email ID

If you are setting up your account using Email ID, here are a few quick steps you need to follow

  1. Enter the Email ID and set your password
  2. Verify the Email ID by clicking the activation link.
  3. After verification, tap on the login button and log in with your credentials.

Sign Up Using Mobile Number / OTP

If you are setting up your account using mobile number, here are a few quick steps you need to follow

  1. Enter your mobile number
  2. Tap on ‘Get OTP’. You will receive OTP (One Time Password) on the mobile number you just entered.
  3. Enter the OTP 
  4. After OTP Verification, tap on login and start using JioMeet.

Join meeting as a guest

This is another option for people who are not a big fan of JioMeet but want to join because a meeting is scheduled on this platform – Join meeting as a guest. Using this option, the user need not share any Email ID or mobile number. Just follow a few simple steps and your motive will be successful. 

  1. Click on the “Join meeting as a guest” option available on the login screen.
  2. Enter your name
  3. Enter the Meeting URL or ID provided to you by your host.
  4. Click Join Meeting and you will be part of the ongoing or scheduled meeting.